crackle synth (2020, ongoing)
In 2020 I started some research on electronic DIY instruments that behave in pseudochaotic ways and have experimental interfaces. I stumbled upon the Dutch composer Michel Waiszvisz and his „crackle boxes“ and the „crackle synth“.  As the original schematics of the instrument are hard to find, I ended building an approximation of the crackle synth that includes some personal additions leaving me unsure whether I should even call it „crackle synth“. I really like the very musical behaviour of this touch-sensitive instrument and I am particularly fond of using it in improvised duo settings, in which the instrument itself contributes to the dramaturgy of the performance as well.

so far duos have been played with (in no particular order): Alex Riva (recorders), Elio Amberg (saxophone/amplification), Mariana Carvalho (hydrophone), Coleman Goepfert (electric guitar), Tizia Zimmermann (accordion), Beat Keller (electric feedbacker guitar), Chris Pitsiokos (saxophone), Paolo Possidente (drums & electronics), Eric Bauer (modular synth, snare drum, objects) and hopefully many more to come!

Duo with Alex Riva (sonification of a painting by Marta Masternak)

foto credits: self portrait