Pablo Ulises Lienhard

hello and welcome to my website. Sometimes people get confused about what I do. I’ll try to show you a couple of things I do that I find worthy to mention. Maybe this way you get the picture?

sound related
Zimmermann / Lienhard (ongoing)
crackle synth (ongoing)
Schrödinger or Boom Boom God (ongoing)
ulises4000 – DJ (ongoing)
solo (ongoing)
duo for organ and no-input mixer (ongoing)
Klangkörper (2021/2022)

phthoggos (2019)
I Agree (2019)
#workoutjazz (2016-2021)

curating & organizing
ODYSSEY (2022, ongoing)
marathon (2018-2021)
madness series (2019, ongoing)

graphic design

future and past



Schrödinger or Boom Boom God (2023, ongoing)
Is my collaboration with Zürich based multiinstrumentalist Florian Kolb. We play fake industrial folklore. Bagpipes and drummachines, noise and folk. Images speak louder than words thus:

video clip on YouTube:

live set on YouTube:

Our first single “geiss” on bandcamp:

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foto credits: Schrödinger or Boom Boom God