Pablo Ulises Lienhard

hello and welcome to my website. Sometimes people get confused about what I do. I’ll try to show you a couple of things I do that I find worthy to mention. Maybe this way you get the picture?

sound related
Zimmermann / Lienhard (ongoing)
crackle synth (ongoing)
Schrödinger or Boom Boom God (ongoing)
ulises4000 – DJ (ongoing)
solo (ongoing)
duo for organ and no-input mixer (ongoing)
Klangkörper (2021/2022)

phthoggos (2019)
I Agree (2019)
#workoutjazz (2016-2021)

curating & organizing
ODYSSEY (2022, ongoing)
marathon (2018-2021)
madness series (2019, ongoing)

graphic design

future and past


ulises4000 is my DJ alias.

„I like dancing, I like listening, I like to be surprised and challenged. I try to neither take music nor my self too seriously. I create my DJ sets according to this while relating to the vibe I find at the venue. Stylistically my sets can range from experimental, through ambient to deconstructed, breaks and clubby stuff, while including noise and maybe even some trashy y2k edits. Probably with a slight tendency towards the  faster and more energetic end of the spectrum.“

Club Set (UMBO, Zürich):
Radio Set (Mutant Radio, Tbilisi):

foto credits: Léa Christe