Pablo Ulises Lienhard

hello and welcome to my website. Sometimes people get confused about what I do. I’ll try to show you a couple of things I do that I find worthy to mention. Maybe this way you get the picture?

sound related
Zimmermann / Lienhard (ongoing)
crackle synth (ongoing)
Schrödinger or Boom Boom God (ongoing)
ulises4000 – DJ (ongoing)
solo (ongoing)
duo for organ and no-input mixer (ongoing)
Klangkörper (2021/2022)

phthoggos (2019)
I Agree (2019)
#workoutjazz (2016-2021)

curating & organizing
ODYSSEY (2022, ongoing)
marathon (2018-2021)
madness series (2019, ongoing)

graphic design

future and past



madness series  (2019, ongoing)
Also started by Kollektiv #workoutjazz, „madness“ has been a series of events taking place in countless different venues in Zürich featuring mostly experimental music in all its facets but has been open to all kinds of time-based art forms. Mostly operating with a theme or topic the organizers have always found it interesting to have all performances come closer together, also by focusing a lot on the overall event dramaturgy and leaving behind certain limiting factors of the traditional concert setting. Each madness has been a completely unique event bringing together and juxtaposing artists and performances from many different nisches, genres and subscenes of Zürich and beyond.

teaser from a past edition:

more info:

foto credits: Alicia Olmos Ochoa