Polyphonic Drawings

when a pen meets a saxophone – Tobias Gutmann & Pablo Lienhard

Tobias Gutmann’s artistic practice aims to bring people, cultures, and environments together. He uses his own visual language to give meaning, character, and atmosphere to a variety of formats such as installations, performances or publications. Performing both nationally and around the world, his art always hopes to affect people in a positive way, and to communicate an incentive for participation.

Pablo Lienhard is a Zürich based improviser performing on saxophones, no-input mixers, guitar pedals, computers and other stuff. As an investigating artist he is interested in randomness, overflow, acceleration, interdisciplinarity, performance, mise-en-scène, contexts, the relationship between language and music, as well as contemporary pop culture.

In a performance setting, the artists simultaneously produce music and it’s score. Ink and sound function as two voices of a larger audiovisual composition.

Tobias Gutmann, ink 
Pablo Lienhard, sax

Polyphonic Knitwear

Tobias Gutmann’s newest wearable art piece features expressive drawings, sound infused by improvisation musician Pablo Lienhard. In the limited edition merino knitwear Tobias translates Pablo’s vibrant saxophone sounds into an abstract jungle of colorful forms and shapes. The garment can be seen as a musical score, leaving it open for the person wearing it, to interpret it into an imaginative soundscape.
The cozy one-sized sweater for all genders is available in two color variations and is sustainably knitted in Bichelsee, Switzerland. The carbon free company Traxler kindly manufactured this sweater with great enthusiasm for this art project, using only mulesing-free extra fine merino wool.
-> Available online (limited edition)